It's Time For Some Clean Air!

They can cuss but we can't pray? It's time to fight back! Read our About Page and learn how this simple message works so well it stops profanity even in bars!

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It's Time For Some Clean Air!

Join The War On Profanity!

If you have truly grown tired of all of the cussing and swearing, then join the war on profanity. All you need are the right below to view them now!

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Join The War On Profanity!

Your Weapon of Choice....

WORDS! That's right, mere words win this war when worn on a shirt! Can't wear a tshirt to work? We have other items you can take to work! Just click below to view all of our products!

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Your Weapon of Choice....


Yes, it really does work. If you haven't read our ABOUT page yet, please do so now and learn how this simple message stops profanity... even in bars!

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Clean Air Is Like....

...Sweet Music to the ears! Just the way God intended it! Click the Order link and view our products now and see how sweet it can be for you too!

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Clean Air Is Like....

Stop Profanity In It's Tracks!

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One simple message on a tshirt, cup, mousepad, button, etc. has the power to do amazing things, to clear the airwaves from profanity! Click the Purchase Now Button to see all of our amazing products! → →

The Cure For Foul Vocal Emissions!

Clean Air is a bit hard to find these days.
Everywhere you go…foul language fills the air.



WHAT IF….there was a T-Shirt you could wear with a message so simple, yet so powerful that it stopped people from cussing around you?  That would be an incredible blessing, wouldn’t it?
BUT WAIT….perhaps you can’t wear a T-Shirt to work. Not to worry, that same message can be put on cups, hats, pins, mouse-pads, even on cards you can stand up on your desk, as well as a few other products.




It’s time to get excited, because such a message exists!
Introducing the T-Shirt with a message so simple, yet so powerful, it has stopped profanity in bars,
and it has done so for many years!  
This shirt has been extremely well tested with results so
powerful that the originator of this message just has to share it with you so that you can
experience the clean air that you have desired for so long.

  • Do you hate to hear profanity, and yet it seems you have to hear it single every day whether you want to or not?
  • Would you like to find a way to stop your co-workers, family, or friends from cussing around you?  There is a way!
  • Have you repeatedly asked them to watch their language around you only to see them smile, and then just keep on doing it?

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that stops profanity in its tracks!



Clean up the air in your personal space with this simple,
yet extremely effective message.


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The power of suggestion printed on a T-Shirt is a most
amazing tool…one you won’t want to be without!


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